Common Causes of Solar Panel Damage

Damaged solar panels

More and more households across the country are switching to solar panels as their power source–and with good reason. Solar power generation has become more common in recent years due to many factors, such as government mandates, lower prices, increased demand, and higher efficiency.

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Here, we discuss some of the most common causes of damage to solar panels.

Dust Build-up

Dust build-up on solar panel surfaces is one of the biggest maintenance concerns with solar panels. It could lead to a decrease in production and overall system failure. The best way to prevent this from happening is through regular cleaning and solar panel repair service maintenance.


When exposed to direct sunlight, solar cells generate heat. If the temperature gets too high, the efficiency of the device decreases and eventually becomes inefficient and will require a solar inverter repair procedure. You should always monitor temperatures to know what maintenance needs to happen before these conditions occur.


Corrosion occurs when the metal used to construct your solar panels deteriorates over time requiring a solar system repair job to fix the issue. Metal components like frames, connectors, and wires will start to rust over time and need replacement, which can affect the performance of your solar panels.

Broken Glass

If your glass breaks, this means there is an impact on the edges of the frame. Broken glass can cause the panel to get dirty and ultimately reduce its performance. While you should never have broken glass in your solar panels, accidents sometimes happen. Depending on the solar repair company, there are several options you may take to repair your damaged panel.

Electrical Storms

Storms are among the most common factors that can damage solar panels. During electrical storms, lightning strikes conductive objects, creating a discharge between the ground and the sky. They can also bring down debris such as trees.

A broken solar panel repair can be a hassle to deal with. But with proper care and maintenance, you can avoid these problems and keep yours in prime condition.

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