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Excellent Solar Panel Maintenance in Lexington, KY

You invested a considerable amount of money in converting your home or business to solar energy, so you’d not do anything that would make your system less efficient. If you’re not having your solar panels serviced regularly, you’re wasting energy and money. Poorly maintained solar panels lose efficiency by up to 30%. Protect your investment with solar panel maintenance in Lexington, KY, and the surrounding areas from Synergy Home Solar.

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Benefits of Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar panels are designed to generate electricity for about 20-30 years with little maintenance. However, scheduled solar panel system maintenance is crucial for your system to last longer. Over time, dirt and debris can build up on panels, preventing sunlight from reaching them. As a result, your system fails to operate at peak efficiency, reducing your energy output.

Routine solar panel maintenance helps make sure solar panels produce as much energy as possible, reducing your utility costs. Additionally, regular maintenance reduces your odds of potential solar system malfunctions due to bad weather and decay, which would necessitate premature solar panel replacement. During our maintenance visit, our technicians will address potential issues before they become a setback for you.

Solutions We Offer for Your Solar Panels

Solar Panel Cleaning - Cleaning solar panels is a complex and delicate process. Solar cells become easily damaged by pressure washing, abrasive materials, soaps, and leaning on panels while cleaning. Additionally, water droplets must be squeezed off before they dry to make sure that no water spots are left. At Synergy Home Solar, we use industry-proven solar panel cleaning techniques and agents to reach all areas of the panels in great detail, leaving them spot-free. We never make physical contact with the solar panels, guaranteeing 100% safety.

Solar Panel Inspection - At Synergy Home Solar, our professionals will carefully check various aspects of the panel, including the racking and wiring, to be certain everything is working correctly. We’ll also look for damage that you might not see yourself, preventing any future risks to the integrity of your system. Rest assured every solar panel inspection we conduct will be thorough.

FAQs About Solar Panel Maintenance

You should have your solar panels serviced two to four times per year.

Have Our Team Provide the Maintenance Your Solar Panel System Needs

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