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Expert in Solar Panel Repair in Lexington, KY

Although solar panels can provide decades of reliable and clean energy for homes and businesses in The Bluegrass State, they may need repairs and replacements over time. Dust, dirt, and debris can reduce the efficiency levels of your system. Falling objects, storms, and other similar events can also cause extensive damage to your solar panels. When that happens, the experts at Synergy Home Solar are here to help. We have been offering professional solar panel repair in Lexington, KY, and nearby areas since 2014. We'll schedule an inspection, determine the root cause of the problem, and provide the most effective and efficient repair solution.

Our Solar Repair Process

We begin the solar system repair process with an in-depth inspection. We inspect the panel's aesthetics, wiring, inverters, electronics, and other components for damage. We'll then give you a full assessment of your system's overall state and the total cost to repair it, then get to work on the necessary repair. We serve clients in:

Every solar system is unique, so the cost will vary. Cost estimates by our solar panel repair technicians can be affected by the type of solar system, size, location, panel placement, and the parts required to make the repairs.

Signs You Need Solar Repair

You may need prompt solar panel repair service if you notice:

  • There's visible damage to the solar panels
  • The roof near your solar panels is leaking
  • The electrical circuit breaker keeps tripping
  • Your solar panel is overheating
  • Malfunctioning solar inverter
  • Your solar system is not functioning efficiently

Our solar repair company can address a wide array of solar panel problems, including shattered solar panels, arc faults, hardware problems, electrical shorts, a lack of energy output, as well as state and local code violation corrections.

Benefits of Choosing Synergy Home Solar

When you choose Synergy Home Solar for a solar repair near me, you'll benefit from our superior workmanship that come with:

  • Top-tier services
  • Nearly 10 years of industry experience
  • Industry-leading solutions
  • Honest, upfront pricing

FAQs About Solar Panel Repair

Slightly damaged solar panels will continue producing electricity. Nonetheless, it will not function as well as a panel that's not compromised.

Let Us Work On Your Solar Panel System Today

At Synergy Home Solar, we believe in providing our local clients with quick and affordable solar panel and solar inverter repair services. We take pride in our ability to adapt to every situation and still provide high-quality service no matter what. We adhere to strict quality and safety standards that allow us to fix the damage right the first time.


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