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The Trusted Name for Your Solar Backup Battery in Lexington, KY

Have you recently switched to solar energy? Synergy Home Solar provides high-quality service for your solar back-up battery in Lexington, KY, or nearby areas to provide optimum protection during blackouts. Our solar battery helps you get power to appliances like refrigerators, Wi-Fi, medical devices, fans, lights, and more, irrespective of what's happening to your solar panel grid.

Batteries for Off-Grid Electricity

Solar panel batteries work as the heart of every off-grid solar power system. Although the panels produce the electricity, they do it intermittently- it's the batteries that provide the consistency required for comfortable off-grid living at all times.

Sizing Your Energy Storage System

A solar back-up battery is among the most expensive parts of a solar system, so it's crucial to understand what you're purchasing before you spend your money. To get optimum performance from your system and maximum lifespan out of your batteries, you need to carefully choose the type, size, and number of batteries to use to maintain your storage system appropriately. As a rule of thumb, the larger your batteries are, and the more batteries you buy, the more convenient it is for your home or business. As a leading solar energy company, we're here to help you through the calculations.

FAQs About Solar Backup Batteries

It depends on your needs and budget. If the lowest cost is your number one consideration, flooded lead-acid batteries are the best. If you're after a long lifespan and no maintenance, lithium batteries are for you.

Let Us Address Your Solar Battery Needs

With hundreds of homes served, the Synergy Home Solar team has the expertise and resources to provide premium solar power with battery backup throughout Lexington, KY. We carry products from the leading manufacturers, so you can count on us to deliver top-quality and reliable products that will keep your business or home safe through the most extended blackouts and toughest storms in these areas:


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