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Trusted Crew for Solar Panel Repair in Lexington, KY

When your solar panel system stops functioning optimally, putting repairs off makes you miss out on the many benefits of solar energy. Unlike other components of your property, commercial and residential solar panel systems need different and specialized training, troubleshooting, and skill set. At Synergy Home Solar, we have everything it takes to perform solar panel repair in Lexington, KY, right the first time.

Our solar repair company has been serving Lexington and nearby areas since 2014, so you can count on us to restore the functionality of your system quickly and effectively. At the first sign of an issue, be sure to give us a call.

Understanding Solar Repair Process

When it comes to solar system repair, Synergy Home Solar technicians assure you of a fast, high-quality, and affordable service. We’ll show up on time and perform a thorough system inspection to evaluate the performance of your system. We take our time to explain the issue, recommend the most effective solution to restore your comfort, and offer a cost estimate before starting. Once you approve, we will give the repair project our undivided attention and complete the job in no time.

Signs A Solar Panel Repair Is Necessary

Solar panels can provide clean and reliable energy for about 25 years with regular cleaning and proper maintenance. Unfortunately, they deteriorate when exposed to harsh weather conditions. Additionally, you’ll not know when you need solar panel repair service unless you perform an inspection. Here are a few easy signs its time to contact us:

  • Reduced power output
  • An unusually high energy bill
  • Faulty inverter
  • Unexpected shutdowns
  • Physical damage
  • Discoloration or burnt marks
  • Solar panel age
  • Counterfeit panels
  • Cracked or broken glass

Common Repairs We Do

Although solar panel systems are generally low-maintenance, they aren’t foolproof. Problems can occur, so if you notice anything amiss with how your system works, you should check for a solar repair near me before problems worsen.

Here are the common issues affecting solar panels:

When water enters the panel, it can cause internal corrosion.

Once you notice everything is not functioning to its full potential, contact us for a broken solar panel repair. Our team can fix the system’s reduced efficiency, overheating, electrical issues, and more to get your system back in action.

Factors Affecting Costs

Each repair project is unique, so the cost will vary. The actual damaged solar panels repair cost will depend on various factors, including house height, roof slant, type of setup, materials, and severity of the damage.

At Synergy Home Solar, we know that every electrical aspect of your home or business contributes to your comfort and safety. Because of this, access to reliable, professional, and affordable solar services is imperative. When you need a solar panel or solar inverter repair service, our team can help. We value our reputation as the most cutting-edge, customer-oriented solar contractor in the area, so we always perform our work to the highest standards.


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