Factors That Can Hamper Solar Panel Efficiency

Solar panel in the shade

Solar energy offers an incredibly efficient way to reduce fossil fuels and replace them with renewable energy. However, Solar panel efficiency can be reduced by various factors. To help counter this, you can turn to Synergy Home Solar. We provide top-notch solar panel maintenance in Nicholasville, KY. We can help extend your solar panels’ life and ensure you save money by providing you with handy maintenance tips.

Here are a few factors that can hamper solar panel efficiency:


Solar panel efficiency is determined by the radiation (energy) coming from the sun versus the power generated by the solar panel. The sun’s radiation depends on its total energy output per surface unit. The higher the temperature, the more energy is released overall. Therefore, higher temperatures mean more power for solar panels. Most residential solar panels are designed to produce around 180 W of electricity per square meter of solar panel. However, this is only at a temperature of 25C (77F). As the temperature goes up, their production goes up as well.

Operation and Monitoring

Another factor impacting solar panel efficiency is your system operation and monitoring. Solar panel system maintenance is crucial to ensure your system performs as planned. It also helps to know how efficient your solar panels are performing. Increased solar panel system monitoring can help provide more information about your system’s efficiency.

Solar Shadings

Solar shadings on your solar panels can obstruct sunlight from reaching the solar panels. This results in a drop in efficiency because less power is being generated. Your solar inverter system can also be affected as it tries to compensate for the lack of sunlight. The amount of shading, the location of the shade, and your panel’s orientation can all affect solar panel efficiency, so always have it checked during solar inverter maintenance routines.

Dirt and Debris

Although dirt and debris on solar panels will not directly impact their efficiency, they can reduce their lifespan. The more often you have to clean your solar panels, the less efficient your system becomes. Clean solar panels should be regularly cleaned as part of solar panel maintenance. Don’t skip solar panel cleaning maintenance procedures if you want to keep your panels in good condition.

Don’t let these factors hamper the energy production of your solar panels. Through regular solar panel inspection routines, you can determine the causes of any decrease in efficiency so that you can make adjustments to maximize your production.

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