The Cons of DIY Solar Panel Repairs

Damaged solar panels

DIY repairs can be a tempting prospect because of the promise of savings. However, it’s a venture that’s hardly ever worth the risk. With so many things that could go wrong, would-be DIYers are often left with more expenses than if they opted for professional repairs in the first place. My Synergy Home Solar is a trusted company that provides top-notch solar panel repair in Lexington, KY. As much as possible, we try to educate our clients while providing them with the maintenance and repair services they need.

Here is a quick look at the reasons you should not attempt DIY solar panel repairs:

Added Costs

While savings may be the top reason for DIY repairs, it’s hardly ever the case. Repair procedures require special tools and finely-tuned skills. When it boils down to it, calling for a professional solar panel repair service is simply the more cost-effective way to go.

Risk of Injury

Solar panels require regular maintenance and repairs to keep running efficiently. Unfortunately, many people are tempted to try and take on broken solar panel repair procedures themselves, risking severe damage to their system and endangering their own well-being.

Sub-Par Results

Even if handy DIYers are able to fix solar panel issues, there is still a good chance that the panels won’t be nearly as efficient as intended. The fact of the matter is that even experienced handymen lack the experience and necessary training to handle the complexity of solar system repair procedures.


Compared to doing an online search for “solar repair near me”, a DIY repair procedure is much more finicky and will require a great deal of effort. You will have to do extensive research and be precise with your repairs.

Time Constraints

Whereas professional repairs are often done quickly, DIY ventures tend to take much longer. A DIY solar inverter repair, for instance, can be a time-consuming affair because of the complexity of the process.

My Synergy Home Solar is the solar repair company you can count on for quick solutions at competitive prices. We do the extra work so you can power your home without a hitch throughout the year. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.