The Top Causes of Solar Panel Damage

Damaged solar panels Nicholasville, KY

Synergy Home Solar, a trusted provider of solar panel repair in Nicholasville, KY, recognizes that while solar panel technology is constantly improving, the panels are still vulnerable to damage from extreme weather conditions and aging. This article will take you through some of the rare causes of damage to solar panels, so let’s get started.

Falling Debris

Solar system repair experts emphasize that even the most minor debris, like twigs, leaves, or dirt, can cause micro-scratches on solar panels. While minor scratches aren’t cause for much concern, you have to understand that a few scratches have a way of turning into many ones quickly.

Wrong Placement

Sometimes, it’s the placement of panels in high-traffic areas that exposes them to the risk of physical damage. Make sure to place your panels in secluded areas to lessen the chance of damage. Otherwise, you may find yourself searching for “solar repair near me” sooner rather than later.

Lack of Maintenance

Allowing dust and dirt to accumulate on the panels can significantly reduce their performance. To ensure your solar panels remain debris-free, make it a point to stick to a rigid maintenance schedule. A little effort in maintenance is much better than needing a solar panel repair service.

Hail Damage to Solar Panels

If your residential location is prone to hailstorms, your home and solar panels are naturally susceptible to damage. To mitigate the damage caused by hail, consider taking precautions and contacting a professional solar inverter repair service specialist to assess your setup and help with damage prevention.

Doing DIY Maintenance and Repairs

While it may seem like a good idea at first, doing DIY maintenance and repairs often end up giving you more problems than solutions. Contacting a professional solar repair company can help you evaluate the best options for your solar panel system and assess any damage caused by a hail storm.

Water Damage

Water can cause overheating and short-circuiting of the panels, potentially leading to further damaged solar panels. To prevent damage to solar panels caused by water leakage, it is essential to have the seals regularly inspected and maintained by a professional to ensure their effectiveness.

If you need a broken solar panel repair procedure, know that Synergy Home Solar has got you covered. Contact us today for expert repair services!